About Us

It is our distinct pleasure to share with you some of the background and history of the Townee Square Restaurant.
In 1986, after having sold our last restaurant, we headed north on a drive through Lake County to find the perfect location to carry out our newest business venture. The moment we hit Libertyville, we knew immediately that our search had ended. It was then that we began what was soon to become a home town restaurant in beautiful, historic downtown Libertyville for the next 25 plus years!

Drawing upon our many years of culinary experience, we were able to turn an empty, closed building into one of downtown Libertyville's most lively locations, which many locals today consider their home away from home. The Daily Herald put it best in a recent article where we were featured:

The food at the Townee is good -- really good -- but it's not just the omelets, pancakes, sandwiches and hamburgers that bring the people in. It's the friendly neighborhood atmosphere, which has been cultivated by [Christine] and her husband, George, since they took over in 1986. (Lissa, Daily Herald, 1/28/08)

In fact, it was that "friendly neighborhood atmosphere" that caught the attention of a producer from Chicago's WGN Radio, who as a result, chose the Townee Square Restaurant to broadcast the Steve Cochran Show, live, as a part of WGN's Hometown Voices Tour in December 2005. This radio show tour spanned the entire Chicago-land area and featured a select group of hometowns. Within each of those towns, they would broadcast at a specific location that represented the voice of its people and had the biggest hometown feel qualities that WGN said the Townee square represented "perfectly!"

We have always taken our greatest pride in constantly serving the highest quality, home-cooked meals made to order every time from the finest, freshest ingredients.
This, along with a warm, heart-felt hello at the door is what we feel sets us apart from the rest. So come join us today and experience the reasons behind Townee Square's strong customer loyalty!